Voice in the Wilderness: The Ministry


Voice in the Wilderness Ministries is an evangelical, Bible believing mission. We believe that all of humanity has sinned and is in need of a Savior. The Gospel that we preach is that the individual can be saved from sin through faith in Jesus Christ, and His shed blood on the cross. Because of this Good News we desire to show the compassion and love of Jesus to the world as he instructed us to do in the Great Commission.

We as a ministry have specifically been called to work with the national Church in Mexico, and we desire to assist the indigenous Church to grow, and to provide for the training of pastors and leaders. As a ministry we value indigenous people doing their own work. We value sharing but not dependency. Because of this we desire to work with the national church, but not attempt to control or 'Americanize' it, nor to do for it what it can, and must do for itself.

We have been blessed to be able to work with Pastors Ezequiel and Veronica over the past eleven years in Cd. Valles, in the Huasteca region of Mexico. Voice in the Wilderness Ministries is currently developing an interdenominational Bible School and Vocational school in association with the national Church in Cd. Valles. Our vision is to see a school that includes biblical training, vocational training and field work, and where pastors can be prepared with a strong background in the Word of God, and with a practical vocational trade with which they can support their families as the Bible has instructed.

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